A Musing Conversations

"A-Musing" Conversations are based on my book Possibility in Action© and part of the family of Possibility in Action™ experiences. In my book I share musings for self-reflection and awareness. Personally, I live in a world of musings, possibilities, and action. Yet, you might be asking what exactly are musings?

The ancient Greek and Roman writers would often begin their writings by asking for the intervention of the Muses to inspire them and unlock their genius. The Muses were the nine goddesses who presided over learning and the arts. I believe we are here to write the story of our life. Seems appropriate that we should invoke the Muses to unlock our genius, no?

As for genius, how we have gotten it all wrong! The Ancient Romans did not believe genius was gifted to only a certain few. There was no IQ test. They believed that genius was the spark of the divine nature present in each and every one of us. This force, this energy, this spirit – whatever word you would like to use, is ever present. It follows each person from the moment of birth until one’s last breath.

They are random metaphors for igniting self-reflection and awareness. Musings are designed to value our uniqueness, leverage our diversity, move us away from groupthink, and create community.

The below programs, each made up of ten selected musings, are created to spark new thought patterns. This is a unique experience to participate in a facilitated conversation designed to explore fun concepts to shift perspective, and shake up habitual thinking.

These conversations are NOT group coaching, but a forum where, together, we explore and define concepts in order to create an action plan you can all put into practice.

I invite you into the land of Mental Musings. Let's have FUN!

The Concept

Living an intentional life means understanding why and where your energy is being directed. It is understanding boundaries and crafting a life in harmony with one’s uniqueness. This is not something to be taught or to be learned. It only needs to be discovered.

Only when we discover something for ourselves do we really own it, in turn increasing our sense of personal accountability.

Personal accountability is being willing to accept the consequences resulting from your choices, actions, or behaviors. Being personally accountable means owning the situations that you’ve been a part of. This means taking responsibility for the outcome, whether it is good or bad, and always focusing on doing your best in any situation. This then fuels personal responsibility.

Personal responsibility, also called individual responsibility, is the belief that human beings choose and control their own actions and destiny.

It is the choices we make that form our destiny and the goal is to make them consciously. This requires self-awareness which is what A-Musing Conversations are meant to spark.

This is not coaching. This is engagement. This is a forum to explore new perspectives. To share in the diversity of life by sharing opinions and thoughts to stimulate increased personal awareness which is a cornerstone to grow your life forward as Possibility in Action™.

Have fun with the journey of life, approach it with wonder and curiosity.

A Musing Life Convervation

Why should one reimagine life?

Do you feel aimless, or that there should be more to life?

Getting to know who you are, what is important to you, and how you want to live is crucial to consciously living congruent with your values, beliefs, and passions. Living in harmony with your uniqueness fuels joy and enthusiasm for life. The issue is much of the way we live is conditioned from our childhood where our Silly Putty mind was squished onto information, not by our choice. We assimilated the information and operate from a program that may have been outdated at the moment of installation.

The core of these conversations is storytelling. I am not here to teach, instruct, or lecture you. Instead, I view my role as a host, inviting you into my world of Possibility in Action by connecting with you as a friend.

Why storytelling? For starters, storytelling undeniably forges connections among people, and has been happening since the dawn of humankind. Stories are a powerful way of communicating ideas because they tickle our imagination. This helps us gain new perspectives and expand our horizons.

Together we will debates on various life perspectives which will provide you with prompts to stretch the way you have been habitually thinking. To rethink a myriad of accumulated beliefs and add ones by choice. This is not coaching - this is ENGAGEMENT.


Packages include 6, 55-minute virtual sessions one Wednesday a month, Noon Eastern. Groups open with a minimum of 4 people. Rolling admission. Contact me for more information, including pricing.

LIFE TRACK: Debate and discuss various perspectives to interrupt habits blocking living an consciously intentional life. Well, I have learned through the different, rather trying life journeys I have been through, as well as through those of my clients, that curiosity is vital to understanding a way forward. Through pondering varied topics we move towards building agency which means making life work for you, not you working for it.

  • Maximum: 10 people per group.

  • One Wednesday a month.

  • Noon Eastern.

  • Groups open with a minimum of 4 participants.

GRATITUDE TRACK: The power of gratitude is astounding, yet many stop at just listing a few nice things they are thankful for. Gratitude goes far beyond just a few nice things as I discussed in an interview for Authority Magazine. It is something that compounds and amplifies when it is expressed openly. In positive psychology research, gratitude has been shown to boost your mental health, manage change in a constructive way, improve relationships, and relieve stress. In this “a-musing” group, we will explore what gratitude is and isn't, how to cultivate it, and how it fuels many powerful life skills.

  • Maximum: 10 people per group.

  • One Tuesday a month.

  • Noon Eastern.

  • Groups open with a minimum of 4 participants.

A Musing Meeting

Dedicated to Leadership.

The world is changing at a pace faster than we could have ever imagined, yet many leadership practices are falling behind. There is a word for something that does not keep pace with evolution - it is decay.

More than ever Leaders are lost in a spiral of crumbling hierarchies and changing roles. And while we are finally talking about diversity and inclusion in a more serious manner, something is missing. It is imperative that we understand and respect differences in race, gender, and sexual orientation, but true diversity lies in mindset.

Today's organizations, institutions, schools, businesses, etc., to be truly diverse and inclusive need to walk away from groupthink and create a culture of varied opinions to keep pace with change. This requires building culture from a different perspective, through a facilitated, fun, non-threatening subject where people show up authentic and genuine.

This requires self-awareness. I suggest that today's leaders must be A.G.I.L.E

  • Aware

  • Gritty

  • Inner Growth Mindset

  • Leverage Native Genius

  • Emotionally Intelligent

Together let's challenge groupthink to foster diversity, inclusion, creativity, and innovation. This is not coaching - this is ENGAGEMENT.

Packages include 6, 55-minute virtual sessions. Timings are tailored. Contact me for more information.

Robert Pardi

Robert Pardi is a three-time Author, as well as a well-known, compelling, International Keynote Speaker, Transformational Life Coach, and Adjunct Professor.

After his young wife passed away of metastatic breast cancer, Robert re-imagined his life to achieve new dreams. He chose to leave his comfort zone by changing everything, and now shares the many lessons he’s learned along his life’s journey. He splits his time between his native New York and Abruzzo, Italy.

Prior to his dramatic life change, Robert was a Senior Portfolio Manager for the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, Co-Founder and C.O.O. of Evolvence Capital, and mentor to many young business executives. Robert has an MBA in finance from Columbia University and has lived in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Rome.

Learn more about Robert’s work and you can find his books on Amazon.

Created by Robert Pardi 2022